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Michele Vincent
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Michèle Vincent was born on September 11th, 1952. She died on September 27nd, 2013, taken by the cancer.

Michèle was an artist and a craftswoman.

An artist :

- Illustrarion of flora and fauna ( watercolor and acrylic )
- Sculpture
- Dry-point engraving on plates and metallic objects
- Painting on papyrus- Painting of miniatures
- Fantastic painting ( acrylic and oil on canvas )

A craftswoman :

- Restoration of antiques
- Creation of clothes and accessories ( belts, bags )
- Flower arrangements
- Creation and repair of jewels

Her paintings were exhibited all over the world.

An association, created by her husbansd, has for purpose to promote her work.

Michèle now joined another world but her work is alive.