Michele Vincent Fantastic Art

Peinture de Michele Vincent

Art, Fantastic, Surrealist,
Erotic paintings

A never-ending story :
e characters, the theme and the project


Tim, the librarian, looks at his old books. They are magnificent with their golden bindings." The lords of rings " of JRR.Tolkien, " The songs of Maldorore " of Lautréamont, someEdgard Poe 's books, Gustave Doré 's illustrations, and so many others.

And then, there are some unknown books of which " A never-ending story " of Michèle Vincent, that tells adventures in the present, the future and the past. Tim begins reading.

Jonathan lay down in the forest and fell asleep. A bird settled near him and looked at him. The youg man woke up, saw the bird fixing him but, when he moved, the animal ran away.

He decided to return on next day and pretended to sleep. The bird returned. Over time, the bird, less and less wild, became essential for Jonathan.

One day, when the latter was stroking the animal and was puting his mouth on its beak, the bird, in a great shiver of feathers, changed into a winged woman. Valérie explained him the spells that had transformed her into a bird.

She was a guard of a door separating the day and the night. A piece of this door was stolen.

That brought one benefaction : the alternation between the day and the night. Valérie was nevertheless punished for her neglect. Jonathan 's love for Valérie destroyed little by little the curse ; but it was necessary to leave and to discover, with the Wise person and his friends ' help, the solution to keep the door such as it was henceforth. Because we can't destroy the forces that want to plunge for ever the Earth in the darkness.

This is like that their adventures in unknown worlds have begun.


The door was built with the Fend Shui 's compass. Géomanciens had appeal to this measuring to determine the good place of what had to be built.

The concentric circles of the dial wear indications concerning the astrology, the orientation and characteristics of the landscape and symbols resulting from the old Book of alterations.

This Chinese practice, which allows to modify a landscape to harmonize it with the vital energies of the Earth, is always alive.

Harmony between the human being and all that can surrond him : the natural forces, the wind on hills and trees ; the water in the rain, brooks, rivers, underground passages.

The vital energy results from three sources : the sky, associated to the astrology ; Earth, associated to the geology ; human being, finally.

It's only when these three sources are gathered in a precise place that the geomanciens ' work is ended. The balance brings to the prosperity and happiness.

The paintings will have for subjects : the search for the love, discovery of oneself, other people, freedom, light...what matters for the human being to lead a harmonious life.

If everything was built with the Feng Shui 's compass, would we have a perfect world ? May be.

But then, shall we get bored ?