Jonathan grew longer in the forest and fell asleep. A bird settled meadows of him and looked at him. The young man woke up, saw the bird fixing him but when he moved the animal ran away. He decided to return the next day and pretended to sleep. The bird returned. In the course of time the bird, less and less wild became indispensable to Jonathan.
A day when this one caressed the animal and put its mouth on its beak, the bird, in a big shudder of feathers was transformed into a winged woman. Valérie was able to explain him the spells who had transformed him into bird. Guard of a door separating in the daytime of the night, She was stolen a piece of this door. It brought one benefaction, the alternation on the day Earth night and. Valérie was not less punished for it for her carelessness...

Jonathan's love for Valérie destroyed bit by bit the curse; but it was necessary to leave and to discover, by means of the Wise person and of his friends the solution to keep the door such as it was henceforth. Because one can not destroy the forces of the darkness which want to plunge for ever the Earth in the night. And so began their adventure in unknown worlds.

The door was built with Feng's shui compass. Géomanciens had appeal to this instrument to determine the good place of what should be built. The concentric circles of the dial carry indications concerning the astrology, the orientation, the characteristics of the landscape and the symbols resulting from the classic art Delivers alterations. This practice quibbles which allows to modify a landscape to harmonize it with the vital energies of the Earth is always alive.


Harmony among the human being and everything who can surround him : the natural powers, the wind on hills and trees; the water in the rain, the brooks, the rivers, the underground passages.The vital energy results from three sources: the sky was associated to the astrology, in the duration; the Earth was associated to the geology, to the ground, to the meteorology; the human being, finally. It is only once three sources gathered in a given place that the work of géomanciens is ended. The balance brings to the prosperity and to the happiness.

The paintings will have as subjects: the research for the love, the discovery of one, the others, the freedom, the light, what matters for the human being to lead a harmonious life. If everything was built with Feng's shui compass, would we have a perfect world? Maybe... But then we would annoy we not?

Michèle Vincent


Few paintings of Michèle Vincent are inspired by the novel written by J.R.R Tolkien, "The Lords of The Rings"

One day, Tim, the old librarian found a work which he had left for a long time in a place, among all his dusty books. (See one of these paintings)

It got free of it a vague noise; It was Tolkien's book : the Lord of Rings. That could he indeed take place inside ? He was stunned when he opened the work : the persons, for such a long time locked, went out. They wanted to relive their adventure.